Fabrication by Crossroads C&I

In the field, standard pipe and board insulation, along with metal jacketing, needs to be manipulated into complex shapes in order to conform to fittings and equipment. Traditionally, this procedure was done on site. Through Crossroads C&I’s investment in cutting edge technology, these items are more economical to purchase pre-fabricated and brought to site for the reasons of space constraints, productivity, and quality concerns.

Fabrication Products

At Crossroads C&I the fabrication possibilities are endless.  Here are just a few of the items we can custom fabricate to your specifications.  If you don’t see the fabricated product you are looking for simply contact our customer service department and we can process your custom fabrication requirements.

Custom Fabricated Insulation Vessel Heads

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Crossroad C&I vessel heads provide a fit and thermal performance unattainable by the conventional trial-and-error method of field cutting flat block at the project site. Crossroad C&I vessel heads consist of segments that are machined on all six sides to fit the contour of the vessel head, as well as the adjacent segments.

Crossroads C&I vessel heads may cost a little more than other method -- primarily because they require slightly higher material costs to make. Our customers have discovered, however, that the significantly reduced labour costs associated with the installation of Crossroads C&I vessel heads -- in some cases as much as 75% less than field cutting -- typically offset any increase in overall cost, for example:

  • Vessel Heads are easily installed.
  • Less labour is required to finish with either mastics or metal, due to the smooth outer surface.
  • Less dollars spent on joint sealers because the fit is so tight on adjoining segments.
  • Crossroads C&I vessel heads fit your head, there is no trial and error cutting flat blocks.

Custom Fabricated Metal Vessel Heads

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Crossroads C&I metal vessel heads are precut miters that have a bead side on one side and the other side has an underlap. We can fabricate to any size and head type. Peels can be made in stainless and aluminum, both smooth and stucco embossed.

Custom Vessel Body Insulation

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Crossroads C&I can custom fabricate your vessel body insulation requirements. Made from Mineral Wool, Foamglas, Polyisocyanurate or many other types of insulation, we can fabricate sections or Segments custom cut and shaped to your vessel diameter and curvature

Fabricated Board Products

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Typically insulating cokers requires a composite system incorporating the use of insulation with metal mesh or lathe. Crossroads C&I can provide this finished product, saving you time and labour in the field.

Metal Mesh over Insulation Blanket/Board

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Crossroads C&I metal mesh blanket/board is a robust insulation material available in various densities and sizes, suitable for temperatures up to 1200 Deg F (650 Deg C). Crossroads C&I metal mesh blanket/board is used on both hot and cold applications to conserve energy, maintain process temperatures, provide personnel protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise emssion and transmission.

To reduce installation costs and provide high temperature vibration resistance as well as insulate irregular shapes wire mesh is attached to the blanket/board using a galvanize or stainless steel stitching wire. These products are available with galvanize or stainless steel wire mesh or carbon steel expanded metal lath.

Metal End Caps / Bevels

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Crossroads C&I supplies ready to install end caps in different dimension specifications to meet your requirements. These end caps and bevels are used to protect ends of the pipe and keep out dirt and other foreign material. Our range of end caps and bevels are available in aluminum and stainless steel, in both crimp style and Pittsburgh style. All metal fittings are available in flat for bead and crimp on site or fully machined for extra labour savings.

Gore Elbows/Sweeps

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Crossroads C&I gore insulation elbow covers are fabricated in segments to cover insulated elbows on piping systems. Gores can be fabricated to any angle or radius required, most commonly 45/90 and 3D/5D/10D. All metal fittings are available in flat for bead and crimp on site or fully machined for extra labour savings. Available in aluminum or stainless steel, smooth or stucco embossed finish, with or without moisture barrier. Please ask about our insulation Gores, available in all the same dimesions.

Mitered Insulation Elbows/ Insulation Tees

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In the field, standard pipe cover needs to be manipulated into complex shapes in order to conform to elbows. Traditionally, qualified insulation contractors did this procedure on site. With new technology emerging, these items are more economical to purchase pre-fabricated and brought to site for the reasons of space constraints, productivity, and quality concerns. Crossroads C&I can pre-fabricate any insulation into any size requirement you encounter in the field.

Custom Insulation Fittings

Custom Elbow Outside

Custom Elbow Inside

Custom Tee Outside

Custom Tee Inside

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Crossroads C&I can fabricate customized elbows and fittings for those hard to insulate items. Simply provide the manufacturers drawing and/or specification and we can help you design a custom fitting cover guaranteed to provide secure thermal insulation support.

Please ask about Ship Lap and Tongue & Groove Pipe Cover/Fittings.

Foamglas® Fabrication

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As a top Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS® fabricator, Crossroads C&I has the experience and expertise to meet all of your custom FOAMGLAS® needs. Sizes or thicknesses not identified by our standard pipe covering and fittings are available to you through our FOAMGLAS® fabrication services. If your job requires victaulic, unions, reducers, or curved segments for large diameter pipe, Crossroads C&I’s FOAMGLAS® fabrication capabilities are your solution.

Crossroads C&I is a FOAMGLAS® fabricator who prides itself on its commitment to quality and service in custom FOAMGLAS® fabrication. Adherence to stringent quality control guidelines in FOAMGLAS® Fabrication ensures that all FOAMGLAS® products meet your specifications. When delivery is critical, Crossroads C&I can help you meet your deadline. A full complement of manual and automated equipment and knowledgeable fabricators ensure cost effective, superior quality custom FOAMGLAS® parts and realistic deliveries. Whether your need is for prototype and product development, or short or long run production, we are equipped to promptly deliver FOAMGLAS® items with the highest degree of quality and precision.

Polyisocyanurate Fabrication

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Trymer® 2000XP closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam insulation fabricated by Crossroads C&I offers excellent resistance to heat transfer. The low thermal conductivity means less Trymer® 2000XP insulation is needed to meet your thermal insulation requirements. This means significant savings in installation time and materials. This insulation may be fabricated into various shapes to suit virtually any insulation application. It is available in a range of densities and compressive strengths for a variety of applications, including:

  • pipe and vessel insulation;
  • core materials for structural panels.
Trymer® 2000XP has a service temperature range from -183°C (-297°F) to 149°C (300°F).

Styrofoam XPS Fabrication

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Crossroads C&I XPS insulation is manufactured to have a rigid, closed-cell foam with a uniform void-free, micro cellular structure. This dense, compact structure ensures excellent resistance to water, water vapour and wet freeze-thaw cycling.

As a result, Styrofoam XPS insulation maintains virtually all of its original R value for years, even in high moisture environments, where porous insulation products are susceptible to moisture absorption and ultimate loss of insulation effectiveness. Styrofoam® brand insulation resists acids, bases, brines and alcohol. This rigid foam has no food value to attract or sustain plant or animal life.

Over the years, Styrofoam XPS insulation has been specified for its ability in minimizing heat gain and preventing surface condensation. Styrofoam XPS has a service temperature range from -183°C (-297°F) to 74°C (165°F).
Styrofoam XPS insulation is suitable for:

  • valve / fitting covers
  • pipe covering
  • equipment lagging, etc.

Styrofoam XPS insulation can be precision fabricated by Crossroads C&I to meet your specifications for a wide range of piping and fitting applications.

Aluminum Cut & Roll

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Aluminum jacketing products are used extensively in mechanical insulation pipe and tank coverings as a protective membrane for the insulation against weather, corrosion and mechanical abuse.
Crossroads C&I aluminum jacketing can be supplied in smooth or stucco and with or without moisture barrier. We can custom fabricate any length required for easy onsite application.

Custom Fabricated Gaskets

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With the use of our state of the art CNC technology, Crossroads C&I can fabricate any material into any gasket requirement you may have. These include highly detailed gaskets for HVAC, Petrochemcial, Pulp & Paper, Marine and other mechanical applications.

Pre-Cut Banding

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Crossroads C&I can save you time and money by providing stainless steel banding pre-cut to your specified size with the wing seal welded on. These are commonly known as “Fab Straps” and will help save you time in the field securing insulation and cladding. This inexpensive option over traditional banding and seals are compact and lightweight for ease of shipping, and can be made in any length you require.